Elkfield Wines was founded in 1990, winemaker Jane Khoury continues to push the boundaries of winemaking and viticulture.

Gabi Khoury

Gabi Khoury, a true visionary, moved to the United States in 1967 from Jerusalem with a dream of creating a unique vineyard and world-class wine. After searching and investigating for the perfect climate, soil, and environment, Gabi stumbled upon this unique area in the eastern corner of Mendocino County. With his first step onto the soil he looked upon a family of grazing elk, thus blossoming his vision of what is now his legacy.

Two Generations

Gabi Khoury has crafted the vines of Elkfield since 1990. Under Gabi’s leadership, his children, Jane and Nicholas Khoury, have stepped into their roles as winemaker and viticulturist at the estate to lead the next generation. With more than 15 years growing organically certified grapes and since the addition of Jane and Nicholas, the estate vineyards have moved forward with regenerative agriculture by becoming certified Biodynamic®.

Jane Khoury

With Gabi’s guidance, Jane Khoury obtained her Bachelors of Science in Viticulture and Enology from the renowned University of California, Davis. She continued on to earn her Masters of Business Administration in Wine Business from Sonoma State University. Jane not stopping there, went on to critique her craft and acquire experience by working under masterful California winemakers. Her aspirations led her overseas to learn beside legendary French winemakers in the French wine regions of Champagne, Burgundy, and Bordeaux. Jane continues to push the winemaking boundaries and regenerative agriculture while also being an Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse.

Nicholas Khoury

​Nicholas Khoury followed in his father’s footsteps by also studying at University of California, Davis’s Viticulture and Enology. He flourished in learning his family's trade while expanding and following his interest by obtaining his Doctor of Dental Medicine. With his intricate sense of smell and sophisticated taste, he charmingly rounds out the Khoury Trio.

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