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2019 Vintage

The 2019 growing season created a new theme for our viticulture style. In 2017 and 2018, we were affected by the fires that surrounded our vineyards and winery. Going into this growing season, we were dedicated to giving our vineyard the best practices by adapting new techniques.

Continuing our Certified Organic practices, we implemented more biodynamic soil regiments to help enhance the soils uptake of minerals and nutrients, a necessity after the previous year's fires. We see ourselves becoming Biodynamic® Certified after we saw the results in our upcoming 2019 vintage.

While we had some heat spikes in July and August, the temperatures during the growing season were warm with cool nights. This provided the ideal conditions for acidity, sugar accumulation, and producing a good tannin structure in the grapes.

Harvest overall was a five-week process with multiple periods of harvesting depending on each terroir and micro-climate. This was unusual but necessary in order to preserve the natural acidity and tannins, essential in crafting bold, complex wines.

We are very pleased with the start of 2019 vintage as its elegance and fierceness shine through. These wines will age extremely well for decades to come.

Jane, Gabi, and Nicholas Khoury

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2016 Pinot Noir

The 2016 growing season proved again to be the importance of the vineyard. By adapting our pruning techniques and vineyard enhancements to each micro-cur, we worked with our vineyards resources to produce grapes that resulted in elegant and timeless styles of Pinot Noir and Merlot.

Harvest was a mere two-week period of continuous harvesting. With the last heat spike of the summer our vineyards ripened beautifully with the perfect balance of tannin and acidity.

The 2016 vintage exudes power and flesh as its timelessness and luscious notes peak. After three years of cultivating, we finally release to you our first vintage!

Cheers from the winery!
Jane, Gabi, and Nicholas Khoury

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