With dedicated attention to the ecosystem around us, we focus on building and expressing our various soil types in our wines.

- Jane Khoury


We continue to be dedicated to the health of the farm and wine, but also to the health of the people who enjoy it.

Our philosophy

Every vine is delicately crafted with intention and precision using extraordinary Biodynamic® components that are used to create the architecture of Elkfield Wine's.

Why our wines?

For your health

Our wines are made with 100% estate grown Biodynamic® grapes, indigenous yeast, and free of interventions

Award Winning

Critics can't get enough! We continue to win awards on our certified Biodynamic® wines!

100% transparency

We provide information around what's in our wines!

With eleven unique and diverse terroir, French for soil, in the Mendocino County appellation, winemakers Jane and Nicholas Khoury carefully and tastefully craft each exceptional bottle of Elkfield.

This mosaic of unparalleled terroir combined with multiple “micro-climates” throughout the vineyards provides them with a fundamental palette of flavors, textures, aromatics, and structure essential to cultivating the wines of Elkfield.

Our cool yet warm in-land micro-climates create a unique growing condition to maximize flavor and expression of the grapes.

Each terroir and micro-climate are fermented separately, then aged in French Oak and American Oak of various toasts.

Jane and Nicholas carefully tailor their winemaking techniques to the personality of each vintage and lot, while using minimal intervention and native yeast.

Providing them with exquisite and carefully crafted components in which they nurture producing a delectable expression in each bottle.

It’s time to join Elkfield!

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