Our wines embody the elegance and traditions of the past while

expressing the boldness of California.

With focused intention and a joy of farming, Elkfield Wines represents the intrinsic flavors of Mendocino County and the benefits of our Biodynamic® estate grown grapes.


We allow our vines to tell the story and be the essence of Elkfield Wines: a story of boldness and elegance.

The wines of Elkfield are a harmonious symphony of new world fruit and old world winemaking. Each wine is a distinct combination of meticulously grown certified Biodynamic® grapes, climate, and soil expression with minimal winemaking interventions.

Why our products?

For your health

Our wines are made with 100% estate grown Demeter certified Biodynamic® grapes, indigenous yeast, and free of interventions.

Award Winning

Critics can't get enough! We continue to win awards on our Demeter certified Biodynamic® grapes!

100% transparency

We provide information on exactly what we put in our wines and our vineyards.

Our family has spent over four decades dedicated to cultivating world-class vines and wines.

"Every hillside, valley floor, terroir, and micro-climate creates a unique expression that has defined our winemaking elegance and perfected our vines."

Jane Khoury

The Estate

The Elkfield Wines Estate is located in Mendocino County, California.

The Estate is currently closed to the public. Please contact our estate concierge for any questions.

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